i.glide.me/join or i.glide.me text spam or virus

iGlide is a video message application to share real time sharing of events.

This application is like whatsapp, wechat and any other application that can be download and is available for App Store and Android devices.

This application can send invites also and will send link to the recipient via SMS

The problem is that the person who "sent" the text didn't even know that he / she sent it.
What you installs the i.glide app from the apple store or the google playstore 

It automatically gives the app permission to send out a massive text to ALL contacts on their phone list. Spamming your friend to join me on i.glide.

Because of you don't read the fine print that says the app WILL send a text to ALL of their contacts! when you use the app.
So it will send a link to all your contact list with a text then those people download and use will be the same. So It's the never ending spam chain!

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